Celiac disease affects about 1 in 130 people and according to the American Journal of Gastroenterology, Jews experience gluten allergies at significantly higher rates. 

That’s why in 2009, the Katz family of Santa Monica, California created GlutenFreeMatzo.com, so that Jewish celiacs could enjoy traditional foods again.

Our signature Gluten Free Matzo is made from all-natural ingredients and imported from the prestigious Yehuda Bakery in Israel. The matzo may be enjoyed by itself as a cracker, accompanied by sweet toppings like Nutella, or with savory toppings like cheese or pâté. Gluten Free Matzo is a perfect substitution in matzo ball soup or matzo brei, as well as many more recipes found in the Gluten Free Passover Cookbook. Because we understand families have mixed gluten tolerances, we also offer traditional matzos made of spelt and wheat for convenient one-stop shopping.

GlutenFreeMatzo.com sells many other gluten-free and artisanal Kosher foods, including pasta, sauces, baking ingredients, and sweet treats.